3 questions the BBC must answer about its Apple ‘abuse’

Fact or fiction?

3 questions the bbc must answer about its apple abuse

The BBC's Panorama team slammed Apple partner, Pegatron’s working practises last night. Apple seems furious at the UK state-funded broadcaster’s claims.

'Deeply offended'

Based on undercover reports from Apple manufacturing partner, Pegatron factories, Panorama claimed Apple “routinely” breaks its promises to improve working conditions.

Apple vigorously denies this. 

In an email to UK staff this morning, Apple senior vice president of operations Jeff Williams said both he and Apple CEO, Tim Cook, were "deeply offended”.

On Panorama’s implication that Apple isn’t improving working conditions, he said: “Let me tell you, nothing could be further from the truth.”

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Verite agrees

Dan Viederman of Verite, an organization that works to improve working conditions and eliminate human rights violations, agreed — but not with the BBC: “I think Apple is doing as much, if not more than any other major electronics company,” he told the Daily Mail.

Apple says it will investigate all Panorama’s claims: “We take all allegations seriously, and we investigate every claim. We know there are a lot of issues out there, and our work is never done. We will not rest until every person in our supply chain is treated with the respect and dignity they deserve,” said Williams.

Apple’s response hints at increasing bias on the part a BBC which is no stranger to accusations of bias. Williams says Apple shared “facts and perspective” on its human rights commitments with Panorama, but these were “missing from the programme.”

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