Apple's 2014 in 33 stats

Apple's had yet another good year. I've curated 33 stats to show you how good.

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How to explain Apple's 2014 in 33 stats

Apple's had yet another good year. I've curated 33 stats to show you how much progress the company made. You might use these tech tidbits at the Christmas table, as pick up lines or to impress Apple using friends. You may even become more attractive to Windows and Android users planning their switch, too.


The iPhone segment

Apple's platforms (OS X and iOS) are a powerful combination because the company builds "the whole widget" (software and hardware), enabling powerful integration between mobile and PC.

1. Apple sold 243 million iOS devices and 19 million Macs in FY 2014 -- an all time high. (Apple)

2. At 41% -- at the time of publication -- of total OS X traffic (GoSquared), OS X Yosemite adoption already exceeds the adoption rate for Windows 8. (Backblaze)

3. iOS 8 is now on 63% of iOS devices. (Apple)

4. There are nearly 10 million registered Apple developers, said CEO Tim Cook during the most recent financial call. (Apple)


The Mac

Does anyone else remember when critics used to call the Mac a dead platform? Not anymore: From the iMac to the iPad, the iPhone to the MacBook Air, interest in the companys computing platforms continues to improve.

5. While the PC industry continued to shrink, Mac sales climbed 9.3%. (IDC)

6. Apple has gained marketshare in 33 of the last 34 quarters. (Apple)

7. Mac sales climbed 54% y-on-y in China. (Business Insider)

8. Apple is now a top five global PC maker. (IDC)


Inside the enterprise

Enterprise users are already adopting Apple's platforms, drawn by their security, powerful feature set and consistency. With the Apple-IBM partnership, it appears the company is set to take an even bigger slice of the enterprise.

9. Apple accounts for 69% of mobile devices activated in the enterprise. It accounts for 88% of mobile apps usage in the enterprise. (Good Technology)

10. 98% of the Fortune 500 and over 93% of the Global 500 were using iOS devices in their business. (Apple)

11. iOS devices accounted for nearly 22% of the total online sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the US. Android users accounted for nearly 6%. (IBM)

12. Nine out of 10 U.S. enterprise companies officially support Apple products -- iPhones (91%), iPads (89%) and Mac computers (60%). (JAMF Software/Dimensional Research)


The iPhone segment

Apple's iPhone platform is consistent -- the majority of its users are on iOS 8, a large number on iOS 7 and a minority remain on older platforms. This makes it much easier for developers to build cutting-edge solutions for the platform.

13. Apple sold 169,220,000 iPhones in FY 2014 (until September) -- up from 150,226,000 in 2013 (c.12% growth). (Adding up Apple reports.)

14. iPhones made up four out of the five best-selling smartphone models worldwide across October-December 2014. (Kantar)

15. iPhone 6 outsells the iPhone 6 Plus by around 3:1. (Kantar)

16. Apple sold 21 million of its new iPhones in the first week -- stacked up lengthwise they'd be 16.5 times higher than mount Everest. (GSM Arena)

17. 5% of UK iPhone 6 purchases were made by Android switchers. (Kantar)

18. As widely reported, Apple's single biggest competitor, Samsung, issued a profit warning as its mobile business declined.


The iPad business

Apple's iPad is already one of the most widely adopted new consumer electronics products in history. It doesn't stop there, of course: the latest iPad Air 2 offers 140% the processing power and 2.5 times the graphics power of the last model and will be under many a tree this season.

19. Apple sold just 12.3 million iPads in its final FY 2014 quarter, down from 14.1 million one year ago. (Apple)

20. But 55 percent of consumers planning to buy a tablet in the December quarter intend purchasing an iPad. (Accenture)

21. 73 percent of Americans intended purchasing iPad Air 2 before it was announced . (FeedHenry via WSJ)

22. iPad users generated 79.9% of North American tablet-based Web traffic in September 2014. (Chitika)

23. iPad holds 90% of the US education market. (va AppleInsider)

24. Apple has sold 237 million iPads in four years. (Apple)



And the services

Apple's platforms tie into its services: iCloud, iTunes, iTunes Match, Apple Pay and more -- Apple sells apps, movies, books, storage, music and more and takes a small cut from each exchange.

25. iTunes revenues have grown at a rate higher than 10% in every quarter for the last seven years, achieving $18b in 2014. (Asymco)

26. The percentage of Apple App Store revenue from in-app purchases is 92%. (TechCrunch)

27. 85 billion apps have been downloaded since launch, but 23% of apps are only used once. (Apple)

28. Despite Android's dominance, Apple Pay users are three times more likely to spend $250 or more than those on other mobile payment services. (Retale)

29. Over one million credit cards were activated for Apple Pay in the US within 72 hours of introduction. (MarketWatch)


One more thing...

30. 100%

"Every iPhone user will also be an Apple Watch user," reckons Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research (Barrons). "Apple Watch will 'probably' be the most successful product in Apple's history," he said. Then again, Trip also told us "Apple must come up with something or they will disappear," earlier this year, while other analysts are more conservative in outlook. Who knows what else Apple has prepared for 2015?


And some more things

Apple isn't defined entirely by its products, but also by its internal company culture. There are strong signals that culture is liberalizing in some ways -- with equality, the environment and tolerance at the heart of its philosophy.

31. 1 million people visit one of 437 Apple retail stores each day. (Apple)

32. Apple says 70% of its employees are male and just 30% female. Just 7% of Apple's employees are black, 11% Hispanic and 15% Asian. (Apple)

33. Into every life a little rain must fall: just 33 million iOS users listened to the free U2 album. (Mashable)

I hope you have enjoyed this short collection -- if you've got stats to share I'd welcome them in comments below.

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