Review: 20 Apple 5K Retina iMac details

Don't try out one of these if you're looking for a desktop and you're near your credit limit. You'll want one.

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Courtesy of Electronista, here are the Geekbench 3 CPU benchmarks for the new iMac.

imac5kretina2 Electronista


Want to put the display through its paces? Follow Cult of Mac's advice and watch the 4K version of this YouTube video of the sun.


You cannot use this iMac as an external screen. You can however drive two 27-inch Thunderbolt displays using this iMac, even in Boot Camp.

The iMac consumes just 1.2-Watts of power in sleep mode.

User replaceable

You get just 8GB RAM as standard. Thankfully, you can upgrade it yourself. You should do so.

Who's inside?

Identified component manufacturers include: Intel, LG, AMD, Texas Instruments, Hynix, Parade Technologies, Delta Electronics, Fairchild Semi, Broadcom, Cirrus Logic, Intersil, Microchip Technology, SanDisk, Marvell, Skyworks.


The CPU is not soldered to the logic board, meaning it could potentially be replaced.


Resolution is so high you may want to adjust the scaling options to find a setting you prefer (System Preferences>Display>press option an choose Scale). The display is set to look similar to the lower-resolution of a standard 27-inch iMac by default.


No mercury, arsenic, BFRs or PVC. The iMac base is made from 30 percent recycled aluminum. The speaker enclosure is made with 30 percent recycled plastic.


Interestingly, the 5K iMac weighs no more than the standard 27-inch model, 21-pounds (9.54kg).


Slowly but surely people are cottoning on to the fact that Apple makes the best PCs. That's why Mac sales continue to grow share even while the PC industry shrinks. Apple is now a top 5 global PC manufacturer.

Buying advice

Don't try one of these if you're looking for a desktop and you're near your credit limit. You'll want one. It really is that simple.

Worth the hype

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