Record iPhone 6 sales as the Apple crowd defines the mobile lifestyle

Apple's iPhone 6 seems on track to set new records as iOS device users define the mobile lifestyle.

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Verizon (42.2%) and AT&T (41.4%) took an almost equal share of iPhone 6 sales, but AT&T held an impressive 63% share of iPhone 6 Plus sales, showing that it was being favored on larger screen devices, said Kantar Worldpanel in a press release received by AppleHolic.

iPhone 6 v iPhone 6 Plus

It is interesting to note that in the US the iPhone 6 outsold the iPhone 6 Plus by a 3:1 ratio, with 6 Plus buyers tending to be older than iPhone 6 buyers.

Apple also saw success in China, where the iPhone 6 became the third best selling smartphone in October, though China's Xiaomi dominates sales in that country.

This pattern is reflected in US shopping habits across the last week. The nature of Apple's user base is easily evidenced by the fact that iPhone and iPad owners account for nearly all the sales made using mobile devices.

Apple users are the mobile lifestyle

IBM tells us that iOS devices accounted for 22 percent of the total online sales for Thanksgiving and Black Friday in the US, nearly four times Android's pathetic 6 percent. Similar data from Adobe, which claims iOS users drove 79 percent of mobile sales revenue while Android users generated 21 percent.

Some try to characterize this as reflecting some mythical reality in which iOS users are "more affluent" than Android users. This may be true across the low end smartphone market but is by no means true at the high end of Android, where the majority of users on the most recent OS versions are found.

The rise and fall

The nature of iOS is that its users are all more well connected to security updates and the most modern browser versions, which gives them the confidence they need to shop online using their devices.

Deprived of such confidence, Android users know there's only one way to go -- to switch to iOS -- and that is why 5 percent of iPhone 6 purchases made in the UK came from users jumping the sinking ships of Samsung's Android devices.

This is a pattern that's set to repeat across the next year, particularly when Apple elects diversifies the iPhone range with a TouchID-enabled iPhone 5C replacement, a device which will tear yet bigger chunks out of the shaky and unsustainable Android empire.

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