IT Blogwatch: BYOD and shiny toys

FBI visits LA Unified School District -- iPad MEGA PURCHASE looks SUSPICIOUS

No more iPads for LAUSD.


IT Blogwatch: BYOD and shiny toys

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Los Angeles: City of Angels. But yesterday, LA could have easily been known as "City investigated by the FBI because of suspicions involving bidding irregularities for iPads purchased as part of the Unified School District's (LAUSD) Common Core Technology Project."

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers turn on their tablets and take notes.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Howard Blume gets tired watching the FBI lift heavy boxes:

LA. school district officials turned over 20 boxes of documents Monday in response to a federal grand jury subpoena for documents related to its troubled iPad project.

The subpoena asked for documents related to the bidding process as well as to the winning bidders in the $1.3-billion effort to provide a computer to every student, teacher and campus administrator.  MORE

Christine Armario chips off part of a wall:

The district's Common Core Technology Project aimed to provide 21st century learning devices to all of the district's 650,000 students, chipping away at the technology divide that often leaves lower-income students at a disadvantage from their more affluent peers.

The program was championed by then-Superintendent John Deasy and approved unanimously by the school board in 2013.  MORE

Steve Dent stacks the odds in his favor:

The Feds are reportedly looking for ensure [bidding] wasn't stacked in favor of Apple and Pearson. The project was controversial from the get-go, with teachers and competitors like Microsoft opposed to the Apple-exclusive roll-out.  MORE

Juli Clover clarifies a contract, then cancels it:

LAUSD superintendent Ramon C. Cortines clarified that the district was not going to use "the original iPad contract" anymore.

In question is the relationship between Apple executives and former L.A. superintendent John Deasy, who resigned in October.

Deasy has said that he did not do anything wrong when securing the deal, but there has been speculation that the bidding process...was modified to favor Apple and Pearson, the company providing content for the devices.  MORE

Vanessa Romo -- always busy -- clarifies further:

As a busy day wore on, details began to emerge about the FBI's interest in the district's iPad program, the latest episode in a case study of how a well-intentioned effort can go terribly awry.

[LAUSD General Counsel] David Holmquist said a U.S Attorney issued a subpoena on Nov. 21, informing the district that a grand jury investigation was underway, aimed at how [LAUSD] decided that Apple and Pearson would win the competition to supply the district digital devices.

"We have not gotten any additional requests, but once we get them we'll certainly comply immediately," he said.  MORE

Megan Geuss 'hacks' her computer everyday:

The [LAUSD] program first hit a bump in the road back in 2013 when a number of students "hacked" the iPads...letting the student browse the Internet unencumbered by the filter restrictions enforced by the school district. [Many] teachers reported that they felt ill-equipped to use and teach with the iPads.  MORE

Slashdotter 'Taco Cowboy' sounds off:

Schools often tell us that they are lack of fund to give our children top flight education, so we give money and more money and some more money to the schools hoping that they will have enough $$$ to properly educating the children

But when schools get the money, where do they spend it on?

On iPADs !  MORE

Meanwhile, @Waterboxer tells a FIB FBI story:

This is the one and only time I ever tipped off the FBI: FBI Seizes Documents in L.A. School District iPad Scandal  MORE


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