Paperwork or a work around? Hmm, tough choice...

Telecom pilot fish working for this community college gets a work order to put in an extra data cable for a new classroom wireless access point.

"I walked into the classroom and I saw this extension cord running from the wall socket and extending into the ceiling," fish says. "I moved the ceiling tile and took a look at where the extension cord was going.

"This room happened to have a projector for showing slides and other types of learning materials. The extension cord was plugged into the power cord for the projector -- but right above the projector was an outlet to plug the projector power cord into. Needless to say, something was wrong with the power circuit above the ceiling.

"This had to be the work of a faculty member -- they know everything, including your job -- or an AV tech that ran this extension cord for a temporary use for a class that needed the projector.

"And anything 'temporary' is always left in place until someone like myself or another tech comes in and notices a really illegal power connection -- and puts a work order in to get it fixed."

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