Facebook, iPhone 6 and Kim Kardashian top Bing’s 2014 search lists

Microsoft culled through billions of searches to find out what we were curious about

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With 2014 almost over, Microsoft has released its lists of the top searches on Bing and, so far, Apple's iPhone 6, Facebook and Kim Kardashian are the year's big winners.

"We're taking a look back at the people, moments, and events that shaped 2014," wrote the Bing Team in a blog post. "Trends in Bing searches give us a unique view into what mattered most to us throughout the year."

Microsoft tracks billions of searches throughout the year and annually lists the top search terms in a variety of categories, including most-searched news stories, devices, apps, sports and celebrities.

When it comes to the most-searched apps, Microsoft reported that people wanted information on Facebook's mobile app more than any other. After that, Twitter, Instagram, Skype and Vine rounded out the top five app searches.

For devices, Apple's iPhone 6, which launched in September, topped the search list. After that, people sought out information on the Xbox One, Fitbit, Apple's iPad and the Surface Pro 3.

2014 also was a big year for sports. For top news stories, the World Cup came out on top, followed by the Super Bowl, the missing Malaysia Airlines jet, the Winter Olympics and the rise of the terror group ISIS.

As for the most-searched people, only one male broke into the top five. Last year's most-searched person -- singer Beyonce -- was bumped into second place by reality star Kim Kardashian. Singers Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry came in third and fourth, with Justin Bieber filling in the fifth spot.

All of Bing's top search lists can be found here.


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