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airplay speakers

Bowers & Wilkins Zeppelin Air

These AirPlay-compatible speakers have taken multiple awards in recognition of their design, sound quality and AirPlay support, the down side is their relative expense (up to $600), some may prefer Logitech's nice-sounding UE Air System (c.$199).

usb superdrive

Apple USB superdrive

This is one of those accessories you can live without in the digital age, but when you actually get to own one it makes a nice difference to your Mac life. It lets you play and record CDs and DVDs -- sure those formats may not have much of a future left, but it's still nice to play media you have on those disks that you may need to pay for again otherwise. (c.$75).


Mobi chargers

These innovative solutions mean you will never run out of battery power in your Apple Keyboard, Trackpad, Magic Pad or Mouse ever again. They’ve been around for a few years but (in very simple terms) this family of charging solutions work with your existing Apple product to deliver wireless inductive charging for these devices. They’re cool, easy to use, cost effective and mean you don't need to use disposable batteries. (Prices vary depending on compatible Apple device).

belkin coffee

One more thing

Not for the Mac but if you’re hoping to get moving early to get your hands on this week’s Black Friday deals you’ll probably want to get dosed up on strong coffee, so keep an eye on the growing market of connected coffee machines, such as the Belkin/Jarden Mr Coffee maker introduced earlier this month ($140).

Come back tomorrow for a hand-picked selection of gift ideas for iOS devices.

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