While we're asking, are you sure he's your boss?

Systems integrator pilot fish gets a call from the manager of this company's production control department.

Manager: "Why does this work order have a due date of 11/6 when the order isn't due until 12/8?"

Fish: Because you changed it when you released it.

Manager: "Oh, how do you know that?"

Fish: I looked at the change history of that work order and it shows you changed it. And by the way, the change history is where you should be looking to answer this question.

Manager: "Then why is it on the report?"

Fish: What report?

Manager: "I'm not sure."

Fish: Then how do you know it's on the report if you're not sure which report?

Manager: "Because my boss said it was."

Fish: Did you look at all your reports to see if it was on any of them?

Manager: "No, I haven't."

Fish: You should, in order to determine which report he's referring too.

Manager: "OK, hold on while I look."

A few minutes later...

Manager: "It's not on any of them. Why not?"

Fish: Seriously? Why is it on the report or why isn't it on the report?

Manager: "I'm not sure."

Fish: When you are, please call me back.

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