IT Blogwatch: BYOD and shiny toys

Intel's new wearable MICA is too sexy for your phone

MICA: Intel's Intelligent communication accessory.

intel mica

IT Blogwatch: BYOD and shiny toys

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Brace yourself, Intel is getting into the fashion business with a new wearable, called MICA. See what fashionable bloggers say about the stylish new wearable.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers do a little turn on the catwalk.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Fashionista Kristin Anderson jumps over wearable tech:

Warable technology's greatest hurdle thus far? The actual wearing bit. No matter how...cutting-edge the stuff inside may be...there is a disconnect between innovation and actually attempting to incorporate it into one's wardrobe.  MORE

Sean O'Kane runs Linux -- on his wrist:

The software of the MICA is built on a custom version of Linux, which means that companies would have to consider developing for yet another platform if they wish to reach this market. For Intel, that's something they believe the parties involved are committed to.

The $495 smart cuff lets users receive, dismiss, and quick-reply to text messages, email, and Facebook or Google notifications ó but it won't do it via Bluetooth like many other wearable devices.  MORE

Lauren Sherman finds most wearables unwearable:

Unlike most of the wearable tech out on the market, MICA does the stuff we want it to do. First, for ultimate discretion, the curved sapphire screen sits on the inside of the wrist, not the outside.

These are all functions that a woman--the kind who shops at Opening Ceremony or Barneys, and generally loves nice things--tends to value, and could easily come to rely on having...on the inside of her wrist.  MORE

Jessica Iredale watches the clock:

[We saw] a short film called "The Value of Time"...starring Rashida Jones as a multitasking entrepreneur. She checks her calendar on MICA to see that she only has 20 seconds to listen to an entitled Millennial ask for a raise; then she has another subordinate use MICA to source baklava last minute to impress a client.  MORE

And Tiernan Ray tries to learn a new language:

This afternoon I attended, along with...reporting assistant Emily Bary, a media event at the Dia gallery on Manhattan's lower west side for the formal unveiling of MICA.

I was glad to have Emily along, as the presentation featured lots of references to women and what they want in a wearable. I frequently checked in with Emily to make sure that I, as a non-woman, was getting it.  MORE

Brad Linder finds pairing without a phone hard:

The MICA has a SIM card so it can connect to the internet without pairing with a phone. This lets you view text messages, appointments, and other alerts. But there's no keyboard or voice controls ó so responding to messages is a bit tricky. You get up to 50 pre-selected responses, so you can choose from a list of replies to let people know youíre running late or what have you.  MORE

Meanwhile, Briannu Wu wants to drop $500:

Would buy a $500 bracelet like this for an iPhone in a heartbeat.

I mean look at the fashion of this [thing]. It's pretty much perfect.  MORE


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