iOS 8: 8 tips for taking better photographs

Some handy hints and useful tips

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The image editing tools within iOS 8 have changed slightly. Rotate is now within the crop tool, the Red-Eye button has gone and theres a new volume knob that lets you access Color, Light and Black & White settings. These Smart Controls let you easily select a setting you like, but if you swipe up in a Smart Control menu you gain access to more finely tuned manual controls for settings such as contrast, shadows, black point and more.

Four fab apps

iOS 8 lets you access the features of supported third party imaging apps from within Apple’s Photos app. Here are five third party apps you should explore:

  • Camera Plus (a wide selection of powerful imaging tools — brilliant app!)
  • Afterlight (excellent lighting effects)
  • Diptic (combine multiple photos
  • Quick (add text to images)

3 great gadgets

As you become more serious about iOS photography you may want to look at items like these to support your work.

Further information

I hope these ideas help you take better photographs with your iOS device.

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