iOS 8: 8 tips for taking better photographs

Some handy hints and useful tips

Here are some useful tips for taking better photographs with an iOS 8 device.

The most popular camera on the planet, the iPhone 6’s camera is still 8MP with an f/2.2 lens and processor but it now boasts phase detection pixels so it can focus an image twice as fast as the iPhone 5S.

Apple is serious about photography and that’s why it puts so much energy into making the cameras inside of its devices technically better rather than just pumping in added megapixels.

Action shots

If you’re attempting to capture fast-moving action shots then you should get to know Burst mode. With Photo selected simply hold down the shutter icon on the screen (or use the volume buttons if these are configured to act as shutters). Keep the button held down and the camera enters burst mode. While shooting in this mode a number appears on the display telling you how many shots you’ve captured. Once you’ve got your photos tap the picture in the corner of the display and you’ll see all the images you created. Your device will have selected what it thinks is the best image but you can select a different one if you like.

pictures count

Awkward shots

Not every image is as easy to get as others — so if you find yourself reaching in some awkward position in your attempt to capture a new angle or hard to focus upon subject do yourself a favor by using Time Mode. To enter the mode tap the clock icon in the upper right of the display. Three options appear: Off, 3s (3 seconds) and 10s (10 seconds). Tap the shutter button and after the selected delay your image will be captured automatically (using Burst mode) so all you need to do is get the image framed and in focus.

Lighten up

iOS 8 introduces a new manual exposure tool. Previously when you chose the focus point of your image (by tapping the selected point on your display) the device would also use that point to set the exposure. Now when you tap the image will focus on that point (leave your finger in place a little longer to lock focus), but lets you change the exposure by tapping the sun symbol beside the focus icon, sliding your finger up (to lighten) or down (darken) the image.

Use Favorites

When you look through your images you’ll see a heart shape at the bottom of the display. This isn’t just for show, it’s a way to define an image you are looking at as a “favourite” — just tap the heart and the picture will be placed in your favourites album, so you can keep all your best shots together. (And don’t ignore the use of Location data in the Photos app — if enabled [Settings>Privacy>Location Services] you can search for images you took at a certain place just by typing in the location.

Time Lapse video

iOS 8 introduces support for Time Lapse video. Select ‘Time Lapse’ from the imaging options (Pano, Photo, etc) and tap the record button. The camera will capture an image every few seconds, when you want it to stop just tap the button once again. Photos will stitch the images together to create the video and store it in Photos>Albums>Videos.

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