Apple is still eating Microsoft in the mobile enterprise

Apple in the enterprise: it's getting better all the time...

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Shift pattern

Samsung is faltering, shedding cash in consequence of its heavily subsidised business model, and Apple has introduced its already wildly popular iPhone 6 series phones.

The slowing momentum of the former Apple partner is evidenced in a small way by the evident shift in Android industry reporting -- where we were once told every Samsung device was formerly the "best ever", we now get told those Nexus machines are "best of breed".

The sweet irony in this shift is Google's direct involvement in the manufacture and design of Nexus devices -- a pattern that reflects Apple and its "whole widget" approach more than it does the unproven "open always wins" mantra -- are Google's search algorithms "open"? Is it the search market leader?

"Samsung’s been holding up Android’s US market share for quite some time. Not growing – just maintaining," writes AAPL Tree. "With Android’s bedrock support and “growth driver” suddenly on its heels, the stage is set for Apple to make a major, long-lasting run at US smartphone market share gains.... much of it will come at Android’s direct expense."


The next 12-24 months are critical for the smartphone sector.

Expect mergers, strategy shifts and to find that the eventual market share carved out by the protagonists will become relatively static, with attention focused instead on growing presence in the wearable/M2M ecosystems. 

Nothing is cut and dried, of course -- but Apple holds a strong hand in the game.

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