5 cool details for better Apple products

Just a few little details I've been thinking about

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When exploring the App Stores I frequently find apps that sounds interesting but cost cash. When I come across items like these I'm forced to figure out if a free version of the software is available -- I must decide to download or to ignore the app. Developers can offer free versions of apps, but cannot offer time- or feature-limited demos for potential customers to try. Is there not some way in which this kind of functionality can be provided? Developers want everyone to try their solutions, and consumers deserve to know if their investment is justified.

Serious Siri

Siri is improving but is still nowhere near as useful as a the Hitchhiker's Guide's notion of a Babel Fish. One thing it could do but doesn't is translate. Think about it: You are wandering through a strange street in a foreign place, how useful would it be if you could ask Siri to translate signs and conversation for you? This kind of tech is already available and will only improve: SpeechTrans, iTranslate, Translate Professional. This will be a standard smartphone feature one day, but the future is already happening. Why not do this?

I hope you've enjoyed these suggestions. How would you improve your Apple products?

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