Sorry movie goers, Google Glass, other wearables banned from cinemas

Going to the movies? Grab the popcorn but leave your wearables at home

Google Glass

Going to the movies this weekend? You better leave your pair of Google Glass at home or at least in your bag.

The Motion Picture Association of America and the National Association of Theatre Owners announced on Wednesday that wearable devices must be turned off and put away at show time. That mandate includes Glass, Google's computerized eyeglasses.

In a statement, the two associations said anyone who fails to comply with what they’re calling a zero-tolerance policy toward using any recording device may be asked to leave the theater.

“If theater managers have indications that illegal recording activity is taking place, they will alert law enforcement authorities when appropriate, who will determine what further action should be taken,” the statement adds.

Google Glass, which is still in prototype, although in the hands of thousands, is piling up a list of places it's not welcome.

A man who wore Google Glass to a movie theater in Ohio was detained by officials of the Department of Homeland Security over piracy concerns in January. He was later allowed to leave after it was determined that Glass was part of a pair of prescription eye glasses in which the recording function had been turned off.

Last year, a Caesars Palace casino spokesman said customers wearing Google’s wearable computer won't be allowed inside the casino.

"Gaming regulations prohibit the use of computers or recording devices by persons who are gambling," said Gary Thompson, a spokesman for Caesars, at the time. "Therefore, individuals wearing Google Glass would not be allowed to gamble. If they attempted to do so, they would be subject to arrest under various state gaming regulations."

Caesars wasn’t the first establishment to ban Glass.

That notable went to Seattle's 5 Points Cafe and Bar, which announced a no Google Glass policy in March of 2013.

Google has not announced an official release date for Glass.

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