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Flashback to the 1990s, when a few users at this company have discovered the wonders of the Internet at home, reports a pilot fish at the help desk.

"The modems used to have a speaker that let you hear the connection noises while trying to connect via dial-up," fish says.

"One day, one of those users called the help desk saying, 'My modem is insulting me.' Moved by curiosity, I went to check that.

"During the usual checks of the modem, nothing unusual happened, but I noticed that there were other dial-up connections set up on that computer.

"Suddenly inspired, I asked the user, 'When do you usually log on, and what connection do you use?'

"She pointed to one connection and said, 'I mostly use Internet after 1 a.m.'

"Needless to say, that connection had someone's home phone number, and every time the user tried to log on, the poor soul on the other side of the line had to pick up the phone and listen to the modem screeches.

"I set up the right phone number, and she got no more insults that way."

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