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Nadella: I can do twice as many reps now.

Microsoft Band
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Microsoft, after slimming down, now wants to stay in shape with the help of its new fitness device. Dubbed the Microsoft Band, the device has been a rumored Microsoft project for months -- but it's now 'official', going on sale in the US starting today.

Sounds good, yet questions linger like fetid air inside an old gym: Are bloggers simply too exhausted from reviewing fitness wearables to get pumped-up about Microsoft Band? Or, are they tired of fitness gadgets period, exercising only when they reach for a bag of munchies while lying on the couch?

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers feel the burn.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

David Pierce stays fit by stepping, striding and checking email:

Microsoft's fitness tracking ambitions are not small.

Yusuf Mehdi is sitting at a conference Redmond, WA...talking to me on Skype as he swipes through a presentation on his Surface. ... He's wearing the new Microsoft Band, a black $199 wearable that tracks your steps, heart rate, and stride length...while showing you text, email, and Twitter alerts.  MORE

No rumors, Sean Hollister offers the officially official:

Yes, we just got done telling you...Microsoft Band rumors, but don't bother with those: The Microsoft Band is officially official. The 10-sensor fitness tracker...will go on sale tomorrow for $200.  MORE

Straight from the horse's mouth:

Did you ever hear the one about the five Microsoft engineers and the writer who walked into a Gold's Gym?

No? ... [But] we need not discuss how the writer performed or how sore he is while typing this story.  MORE

Brittany Levine is into cross-platform training:

"We always insisted that the band had to work not just with Windows but with iOS and Android," said Matt Barlow, General Manager of Marketing for Personal Devices [at Microsoft].  MORE

A fast runner, Richard Taylor leaves everyone behind:

Microsoft had long been rumoured to be working on a health-centric wearable - and its timing, ahead of the busy holiday season, is no surprise either.

More than anything, Microsoft cannot be seen to be left behind, especially when other tech giants like Google and Apple are entering the burgeoning health-tech arena.  MORE

Meanwhile, Peter Bright shines a light on things:

The Band is only half of the story. The other half is Microsoft Health: a series of smartphone apps (for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone) and a cloud service to go with them.  MORE


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