How to fish for (and land) IT talent

fishing for it talent

Organizations tend to fall into two categories when it comes to posting job openings: those with crappy job ads and those that have a clue. CIOs who have a clue are involved in the process rather than relying solely on an HR admin to "post something on the site."

Steve Heilenman, CIO at Computer Aid, a privately held global IT services provider, not only has a clue; he successfully hires 20 to 30 people each year for his IT team, in a company that annually hires 300 to 500 employees overall. How? Steve writes the job descriptions for his direct reports and reviews every IT job posting.

"We try to include as much as possible from actual descriptions in advertisements so that the candidate can get a good understanding of the role and our expectations," Heilenman  says. "It is just as important for the candidate to feel comfortable with the role as it is for us to feel good about the candidate."

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