12 ways to use your older iPad

There's life in your older gadgets yet!

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Apple's new iPads are faster, slimmer and lighter than the last generation and it's possible millions of iPad 2 owners will make like iPhone users and choose to upgrade to one of the new models -- so what can you do with your old Apple tablet? Here are 12 suggestions:


Like iPhones, Apple's tablets hold their value better than most similar products so you should get a good price. Gazelle offers $90 for a second-generation 16GB iPad. Just be sure to follow these tips before you sell.


Get yourself a good set of Bluetooth speakers and your iPad becomes your dedicated music and radio system, with the added advantage of guests also being able to play their music through your system.


iPads make great recipe books and (connected) shopping list managers for the kitchen -- just attach them to your wall. (Your iPad could also act as an [expensive] digital photo frame).


With a MIDI interface and your choice of amp emulation app, your old iPad can become your main guitar effects unit, left permanently connected to your rig.


Spend 99cents to turn your iPad into a conversation timepiece using the QLockTwo app, which tells the time in words. Take a look -- it's cool.

Remote control

Most of the big TV firms (Sony, for example) already offer iOS apps that can control their TV sets, so your old iPad could be the household TV remote. Alternatively get an S-video or VGA cable, or Apple TV, and you can watch content from your iPad on your TV. Including games, of course.


There's no shortage of organizations seeking iOS devices to use for good causes, for example the HollyRod Foundation which will donate the tablet to special needs children -- Macworld has a lengthy list .


Use your old iPad as a remote video surveillance system for your home, using AtHome Camera Free or an equivalent app. Leave your iPad pointed at a key location (the front door?) and if movement is detected your iPad will spot it and let you know.


Your older iPad could become your in-car entertainment, messaging and navigation system left permanently in your vehicle so you never go without. Take a look at RAM Mount or ModulR for mounts.


Pop your old iPad in a heavy-duty case and it could become a perfect entertainment center for your kids -- just install a range of fun child-friendly apps and books and set the parental controls to prevent accidental purchases.


All these examples tell us those old iPads are still pretty good machines. With this in mind it seems a shame that as each iOS version ships third party apps improve until you find perfectly good hardware doesn't support the apps you need. That's progress, I suppose, but I think this will encourage many older iPad owners into…


It seems inevitable jailbreaking will become popular among those wanting to squeeze more use out of older iOS devices -- particularly as newer apps cease to work on older hardware. Some users might install XBMC others may explore the host of available (but inherently less secure -- be warned) apps.

So there you have it -- a series of fun things you can do with your old iPad (or other iOS device) when the time comes to upgrade.

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