The EFF launches a Surveillance Self-Defense site, your security starter pack

Learn how to defend yourself and protect your data and communications

It's no secret we live in a surveillance state, with government eavesdropping and data collection on regular people like you and me. If you want to secure your online communications, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's new self-defense site will get you started, teaching you security skills and offering a toolbox to keep your private information, well, private.

The site provides step-by-step tutorials on things like how to use Tor, encrypt your iPhone, and use PGP. It also provides "playlists" for specific needs--journalists who need access to information while stay safe online, advanced guides for those who already know the security basics, and tools for activists and human rights defenders.

With so many different tools, issues, and technologies clouding the topics of privacy and online security, resources likethe EFF's surveillance self-defense site are very much welcome. It's a good review, whether you're an IT pro or new to cryptography and digital security.

[h/t bit-tech]

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