Because data moves slower when the air is thinner?

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This local government agency is moving to a new facility, and users there are feverishly creating obstacles they feel should be resolved before they even arise, says an IT pilot fish working on the project.

"Before the move, the department was separated into two different buildings on two different floors," fish says. "This move was to consolidate them into one new building with two floors.

"As they fretted over the phone system -- these are people who think the phone system will not work if extensions are not placed in sequential order in an office -- they were concerned that the phones wouldn't work now because they would have a first and second floor.

"We pointed out that they are already on two separate floors -- in two different buildings.

"Because the new facility was up the hill from our current buildings, I added that I had already entered the elevation offset differential into the phone system in preparation for the move.

"Amazingly, on moving day each IP phone came right up in the new facility, no matter where they plugged them in. It must have been all that fretting, planning and my elevation offset differential!"

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