Google uses Songza to update Play Music app

Streaming music app has playlists to suit your mood

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Google Play Music

The Google Play Music app is getting an update. Starting today, users can find music to go along with what they're doing, whether it's working, cooking with friends or going to sleep. They also can use Google's app to find music that correlates with the day of the week or the mood they're in.

Feeling stressed sitting in traffic? Google has a playlist for that. Excited that you're getting ready for a Friday night out with your friends? They have music for that too.

Sound familiar? Well, if you're familiar with the popular streaming music app, Songza, it should.

Google, which bought Songza in July, is using some of its technology to update Google Play Music.

"This is our first integration with Songza… which gives you expert curated music stations based on what you're doing," wrote Brandon Bilinski and Elias Roman, Google Play Music product managers, in a blog post . "If you're a Google Play Music subscriber, next time you open the app, you'll be prompted to play music for a time of day, mood or activity… Each station has been handcrafted -- song by song -- by our team of music experts (dozens of DJs, musicians, music critics and ethnomusicologists) to give you the exact right song for the moment."

Google's original music app seems to be going a step further than Songza does at this point. Blog post says users can download music stations so they can listen to them when they're offline, see what song is up next, and add, remove or re-order them to suit their tastes.

Users also can start a new station based on any song in the mix or search for a particular station they want.

"With more than 30 million songs to choose from on Google Play, it can be hard to figure out what to listen to," Roman and Bilinski wrote. "Sometimes you want to build your own mix to rock out with your friends, and sometimes you want to sit back, press play and hear something completely new."

Google noted that the redesigned app is available today for subscribers in the U.S. and Canada for the web, as well as the Android and iOS platforms.

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