Apple's profits up, Mac sales up, iPhone sales up, iPad sales -- DOWN

Cook: Fat stack happy.

Moritz Wickendorf (CC BY 3.0)
Moritz Wickendorf (CC BY 3.0)

Yesterday was a pretty good day for Apple -- the company reported strong sales of iPhones and Macs -- bringing forth great Q4 earnings. As if that weren't enough, bloggers are buzzing about the company's new 'Apple Pay' mobile payment system, while developers happily speak in code about writing new 64-bit iOS apps. Everything sounds rosy, peachy keen, groovy. Right?

Well, not quite everything, a small blemish diminished Apple's shine, worming its way onto headlines: Sales of the iPad decreased last quarter. Seemingly unfazed -- Tim Cook is ecstatic -- let him have his moment.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers are upgrading laptops again.

Filling in for our humble blogwatcher Richi Jennings, is a humbler Stephen Glasskeys.

Agam Shah shahres financial figures: [Please - Ed.]

IPhone shipments were 39.27 million units in the fourth quarter, increasing from 33.8 million units in same quarter last year.

In tablets, Apple is losing ground to Android device makers Samsung, Lenovo and Asus.  MORE

LeahYeah, Leah Yamshon checks out Apple Pay at the check-out: [OK Glasskeys - Ed.]

Apple Pay has arrived for the rest of us to check out. But before you go blowing your entire paycheck...there are a few things to keep in mind about the platform. Read on to learn more about how Apple Pay works, how to get your iPhone ready for it, and...where you can go test it out yourself.  MORE

Ben Fox Rubin and Shara Tibken laugh at unsubstantiated punditry:

The iPad tablet was supposed to signal the demise of the PC. Well, Apple's Mac line is having the last laugh.

For the first time in more than three years, [Mac laptop and desktops have] taken over as the second-biggest revenue generator for Apple, outpacing the iPad...which saw its third consecutive quarter of declining sales.  MORE

And Shaun Nichols prefers swimming in piles of cash:

Apple execs say they're not just planning to sit on the massive pile of cash the company [generates]. [Apple] sank $45bn into share repurchases over the last year, news that should be music to the ears of activist investor Carl Icahn, a vocal proponent of an Apple share repurchase drive.  MORE

The future looks bright for shade wearing Dan Frommer:

Tim Cook continues to make an upbeat case for the iPad. It was Cook who predicted three years ago that the tablet market would be bigger than the PC industry—a macro trend that, last we checked, is still on track.  MORE

AndrewAnd Andrew Cunningham updates us about updates to OS: [Enough! - Ed.]

Apple released iOS 8.1 to the public...but it delivered something else to developers too. As of February 1, 2015 Apple will require all App Store submissions to include 64-bit support and to be built with the iOS 8 SDK.  MORE

Meanwhile, Benedict Evans befuddles a Bezos:

Apple Pay in apps = interesting problem for Amazon.  MORE


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