How to share Windows 10 Tech Preview files with Mac OS X Yosemite

Are you using Apple's OS X Yosemite or Windows 10 Technical Preview? Both? Here's a quick how-to for accessing Windows 10 files on Mac OS X Yosemite.

Whether you are running Apple's newest version of OS X Yosemite or Windows 10 Technical Preview you most likely find using cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive convenient for sharing files. All are great for cloud storage purposes and especially desirable if you routinely share files with mobile devices, but they have their drawbacks -- from size limits and file type restrictions to delays uploading and syncing.

On home or local networks, the drawbacks of cloud storage can become especially annoying -- especially when you can see the network machine you want to copy files from.

 So, if you wish to eschew the cloud and share Windows 10 Tech Preview files with your Mac OS X Yosemite box on a home or local network, follow these steps.

Change Windows 10 file share settings.

Open Control Panel from the Start Menu.

Open Control Panel

In the Network and Internet section, click Choose homegroup and sharing options.  

Choose homegroup and sharing options

If you need to share documents, click the Change what you're sharing... link.

Click Change what you're sharing link

Then, toggle the Documents combobox setting to Shared. Documents should now appear in the list of shared libraries and devices.

Set Documents combo to Sharing.

Next, modify Advanced sharing settings. This is needed to ensure files on the machine are password protected and only shared with valid users.

Change advanced sharing settings

Turn on password protected sharing. As the text states, this setting provides an extra level of security, permitting connections only from people with a user account and password on the machine.

Password protected sharing.

Close Control Panel, and open Windows Explorer. Drill down into This PC and select the drive or folder you wish to share. In this example, the Local Disk (C:) drive is selected. After making your selection, right click and open Properties from the context menu.

Right click folder in Explorer and click Properties

After the Properties window opens, click the Sharing tab, and click the Advanced Sharing button. 

Click the Advanced Sharing button.

Tick the Share this folder checkbox, then click the Permissions button. I chose to enable Full Control in the permissions list. Click Apply and close Advanced Sharing.

Advanced Sharing and permissions.

Before closing Properties, take note of the Network Path. This will be needed when connecting to the folder from a Mac OS X Yosemite machine.

Take note of Network Path.

Almost done -- connect to the shared folder in Mac OS X Yosemite

On your Mac, open Finder, select the Go menu, and Connect to Server. You can also use the Command-K keyboard shortcut.

Connect to Server...

Now, use the Network Path of the windows shared folder to enter in the Server Address textbox. Be sure to prefix with "smb:" replacing all backslashes (\) with forward slashes (/). Click Connect when finished.

For example, a network path of \\Win10-desktop\C would be entered as smb://Win10-desktop/C in the server address textbox. 

Enter Server Address

A connection window will briefly appear, then a prompt for username and password. Enter a valid Windows username and password with permission to access the share, ensuring you are connecting as a Registered User. Tick the Remember password in my keychain checkbox if you will be accessing this shared folder often.

The Connecting window...

Connecting to windows share.

... is soon followed by prompt for name and password.

Username and password

Done! The Windows 10 (C:) drive and folders now appear in Finder. 

Windows folder now appears in Finder

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