An easy guide to Apple iMessage troubleshooting

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If you've only just begun seeing problems with iMessage, then reboot your iOS device by holding down the Home and Power button until it restarts. This can sometimes help.


If messages aren't coming through, aren't showing up or the number count is inaccurate or if you have any other problem with the service, then try to toggle iMessage off and on. Settings>Messages>iMessage toggle switch.

If this doesn't seem to work then sign out of your Apple ID in Settings>Messages>Send & Receive and then sign in again, and toggle iMessage off and on again.


If none of the above steps help try resetting your device's network settings. (Settings>General>Reset>Reset Network Settings). You'll need to reenter your Wi-Fi and VPN passwords afterward. You should toggle Send as SMS off before resetting, and enable it after.

Also try

Another approach is to follow these steps.

  • Log out of iMessage on all your devices and restart the devices (iOS devices and Macs) as you do
  • Sign into iMessage on your Mac first
  • Sign into iMessage on your iOS devices next
  • Re-request pairing codes as you do.

More help

If you have solved an iMessage problems of your own, then please share your solutions with us through the social sites below, or for more help explore Apple's own troubleshooting document here.

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