How well are Apple's products doing? Here's what we know

Available data shows Apple is cooking up a storm

how well are apples products doing heres what we know

Here's what we know about OS upgrades and iPhone and iPad sales based on what we've learned in the last few days. Top line summary? Apple is cooking up a storm.

iPhone sales:

I expect Apple will reveal more numbers on iPhone sales during its financial announcement next week, but here's how it looks..

21 million sold: (reported by GSM Arena) claims Apple's sold around 4 million iPhone 6 Plus and 17 million iPhone 6 units. (Stack them all together and that's a tower 16.5 times higher than Mount Everest).

Other figures are a little more conservative, but most seem to agree the company has sold far in excess of the ten million iPhones shifted in the first three days. Canaccord Genuity data tells us the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 5S are the top three selling handsets at AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile. All of these figures confirm my earlier expectation that pent up demand is driving a huge upgrade cycle.

iPad sales:

There's no solid data yet on iPad sales, but despite the usual naysayers saying their usual "nay" only to be proved wrong (again, as ever) a few weeks later, consumers already seem to recognise these new iPads as graphic and productive powerhouses in comparison to all the other tablets out there. They must -- according to FeedHenry an astonishing 73 percent of Americans were considering getting an iPad Air 2 before it was announced (56% maybe and 17% definitely), and we also know Amazon saw iPad trade-ins spike to 8x the normal trade-in rate following announcement last year -- and that pattern seems to be repeating, because trade ins on both iPads and iPhones appear to be setting new records. Which suggests sales will be pretty good.

Trade ins are buzzing

Recycling firm,HYLA Mobile reports it is seeing some of the largest mobile phone trade in volume it has ever seen. The company claims 1.6 million devices were traded-in worldwide in September, "corresponding to the launch" of the new Apple phones. This is a big blip -- it's a 75 percent increase on last year. The previous record 1.3 million was driven by an AT&T upgrade deal last year, the company said.

Yosemite adoption

Apple users are getting wise not to be part of the first draft, OS X Yosemite adoption already seems to be around 9-10 percent, according to the analytics counter at GoSquared. That counter measures OS X based traffic at 50,000 sites. That's way higher than claimed by social sharing tool AddThis, which claimed adoption across 2 percent of Mac users on day one. That's faster than initial adoption of Mavericks last year, the company claims. Mac-focused websites are reporting c.10 percent traffic from Yosemite Macs.

iOS 8 installed base

iOS 8 has had a few problems and it is taking time to educate customers to use iTunes to upgrade a device in order to avoid the need to free up 5GB of space. That's impacting upgrade velocity. Apple's most recent figures tell us 48 percent of users are now on iOS 8, 47 percent on iOS 6 and 6 percent are on an earlier OS. I anticipate we'll see more rapid adoption once the next big iOS update and Yosemite ship, as Continuity/Handoff support will drive upgrades.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay hasn't launched and will only be available in the US when it does, but it appears off to a good start, with hundreds of debit and credit card issuers, shops and online apps and services rushing to introduce support to turn your iPhone into you wallet.

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