Apple's #iPadAir2 event: 3 thoughts

Cook v. Jobs: Jobs turned the company around. Cook's gonna turn the world around. The new age has begun...

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**Incidentally, that "replacement cycle dilemma" isn't a dilemma but an opportunity Apple is now embracing. If those older products are still so popular, then each new upgrade just makes the whole range more attractive in comparison to less popular alternatives.

Apple is adopting this strategy across its product range. It's a clever strategy. It forces competitors to match Apple on price, feature and product support (most can't), or get out of the industry…

Sound and vision

Don't be blind to the potential significance of Apple telling us it can ship a 5K display (with a free computer attached) today at less than the price of a 4K monitor. (5K iMac: From $2,499; 4K monitor, c. $3k).

Given the company's continued evolution of media consumption and payment systems, and that the new iPads already offer the kind of power you get in console systems, it seems inevitable Apple's one-time "hobby" Apple TV will morph either into (a) a full fledged solution the world wants, or (b) a small accessory device the world wants. Apple's ecosystem will take its rightful place across your connected lives.

This trajectory is clear enough there's very little Apple's new intergalactic chancellor, supreme commander of secrecy, Stephen Colbert, (or Apple itself) can do to do to prevent us all from speculating at just how big a dent Apple plans to make in our increasingly connected universe.

I'm impressed with Tim Cook's Apple. We all miss Steve Jobs, but his company is doing a great job remembering him the way he'd like to be: making the future better, by design.

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