HP Chromebook 11 review: Affordable style for life in the cloud

Google's latest Chromebook brings a fresh look to the Chrome OS universe -- and for $279, the laptop has some interesting things to offer.

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I've dabbled in Chrome OS myself since its launch and now use it on a near-daily basis. You can visit some of my previous coverage for a more in-depth look at the software and what it's like to use in the real world -- like my two-week-long hands-on evaluation and my myth-busting list of misconceptions about the platform.

Bottom line

HP's Chromebook 11 is an excellent entry-level laptop for users who want to embrace Google's Chrome OS platform -- either as a full-time computing solution or as a supplementary system for around-the-house and travel-oriented use.

The new Chromebook has a clean, modern design, a great-looking display and impressive speakers. It also utilizes a micro-USB port for charging, which will make life easier for anyone who owns Android devices.

The computer does, however, lack USB 3.0 and microSD support, and it isn't designed to handle power-user-level activity. The limited local storage and cloud-centric software also won't be an ideal solution for everyone.

Within the Chrome OS universe, though, HP's Chromebook 11 is an attractive new option at an enticing price. With the series of higher-powered Haswell-based Chromebooks expected to arrive later this fall, Google's Chrome OS army is looking to be in fighting shape -- and ready for battle.

JR Raphael is a Computerworld contributing editor and the author of the Android Power blog. For more Android tips and insights, follow him on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

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