150 ways to make Android Voice Search work for you

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Listen up, Android users: It's time to start talking.

Not for my benefit, mind you (although I do always enjoy a friendly conversation). No -- I'm talking about talking to your phone or tablet.

Your Android device has a powerful voice control system just waiting for your command. It's called Android Voice Search -- and it's frequently updated with fresh functionality.

I've spent many an hour jabbering into my phone to find interesting ways to make Voice Search work. I've felt like a bit of a nutjob at times (it's a good thing my wife knows me well enough not to have me committed), but I've managed to track down a meaty collection of cool commands -- many of which I never realized existed.

So grab your nearest gadget, clear your throat, and start a-speakin': Here are 150 things Android Voice Search can do for you now.

(You can access Voice Search from any Android device by tapping the microphone icon on the home screen search bar or within the Google Now application. If you have a Moto X, you can also get there hands-free by saying "Okay, Google Now" anytime your phone's in earshot. You can access some Voice Search commands from your desktop, too; it's particularly easy if you use Google's Chrome browser.)

Getting personal

Voice Search works hand-in-hand with other Google services to give you personalized information. It can pull up info based on confirmations and receipts in your Gmail inbox, for instance. Try asking things like:

  • "What's my flight status?"

  • "Is my flight on time?"

  • "When will my package arrive?"

  • "Show me my purchases"

  • "Show me my reservations"

  • "Where's my hotel?"

Getting your stuff

Let Voice Search do the heavy lifting when you need to find something you've saved in Gmail, Google+ Photos, or Google Drive:

  • "Show me my latest email"

  • "Show me email from Saul Hudson"

  • "Show me emails about spring break"

  • "Show me my photos from London"

  • "Show me my photos of sunsets"

  • "Show me pictures I took at concerts"

  • "Show me my documents"

  • "Show me my documents on taxes"

  • "Show me my spreadsheets on income"

  • "Show me my screenshot files"

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