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Company name: openQRM

Founded: 2008

Locations: Germany

Product company offers: The core openQRM Team is four freelance programmers who also provide professional services for the platform: data center design and implementation; setup, customization and adaptation to existing infrastructure; third-party tool integration; server templating and migration; long-term support/maintenance/ update-service; and training and workshops.

Why it is worth watching: openQRM is designed to fully automate data centers and manage them in a scalable way. Among its many characteristics is a unique architecture that unifies physical- and virtual-machine deployment within a single management console. OpenQRM integrates with Xen, KVM, Citrix Xen, VMware Server, VMware 2 and VMware ESX, and supports P-to-V, V-to-P and also V-to-V migrations. The software supports NFS, iSCSI, AOE, NetApp and Equallogic. openQRM's storage integration uses snapshots to clone servers for rapid deployment, backup/restore, server versioning, disk resizing and persistent cloud storage. It also has an "N-to-1" fail-over allowing groups of servers to use a single "standby." It also has the ability to fail-over from physical to virtual machines, and an open API to integrate with existing business processes and other data-center related tools.


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