11 open source companies to watch

Open source companies worth watching focus on cloud computing, security, collaboration and more.

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Company name: Eucalyptus Systems

Founded: January 2009

Locations: Santa Barbara, Calif.

Product company offers: Eucalyptus is an open source system for implementing on-premise private and hybrid clouds that turn data center resources such as computers, networks, and storage into a cloud that is controlled and customized by IT. Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition with VMware support enables customers to implement Eucalyptus using VMware's vSphere, ESX or ESXi. It also supports Xen and KVM in the cloud. Eucalyptus Enterprise Edition, VMware, and Amazon Web Services interface compatibility are in combination the same way customers use the Amazon EC2 public cloud.

Why it is worth watching: Eucalyptus is now distributed with every release of Ubuntu, including the new Karmic Koala version that was released last month, and is the underlying technology that powers the Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC). The software can be deployed on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, Debian, and OpenSUSE. Customers announced include Eli Lilly and NASA.


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