11 open source companies to watch

Open source companies worth watching focus on cloud computing, security, collaboration and more.

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Company name: CubeTree

Founded: 2008

Locations: Redwood City, Calif.

Product company offers: CubeTree is a free enterprise collaboration suite built on a social networking platform. The platform provides profiles, activity feeds, micro-blogging, wikis, blogs, polls, file sharing, link sharing and search. It integrates with other platforms including Twitter, Google Docs and Salesforce.com, and the standard version has basic security including SSL. The premium version adds access restrictions based on IP addresses or browser, password policies and the ability to turn features on and off. Its open-source stack includes Debian, MySQL, memcached and Ruby on Rails. There is a CubeTree API for developers.

Why it is worth watching: CubeTree is banking that the next generation of enterprise collaboration will be built on enterprise social networks. The platform is a cloud service and includes a "Feedback" widget to collect user innovations.


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