U.S. Web Sites Integrating Training, Education

By the end of 2001, training and education will be among the top three

applications integrated with U.S. organization Web sites, according to

IDC's eWorld 2001 Survey.

Figure 1

Training/Education Integration With U.S. Organization Web Sites


And, given recent events, it is likely training and education will be

among the more popular applications on the list for integration in 2002.

At the beginning of 2001, 15% of U.S. organizations said they had

already integrated training and education with their Web sites. By the

end of the year, nearly one-third, 32.3%, of organizations expect to

have their training and education facilities integrated with their Web

sites (see Figure 1). Training and education is third behind customer

service and support and customer relationship management (CRM) (see

Figure 2).

Large Organizations Lead the Way

Large organizations are leading the way in integrating their education

and training with their Web sites. At the beginning of this year, a

sizeable 40.4% of large sites said they had integrated these

applications, and, by the end of the year, the figure will be 61.2%.

Already, nearly one-quarter of medium-sized sites have integrated their

training and education capabilities with their Web sites.

Interestingly, the percentage of large organizations that planned to

integrate training/education capabilities in 2001 is about the same as

those that planned to integrate knowledge management and materials


The view by size of organization provides a better picture of status

than does the overall number because of the large number of small

organizations in the United States.

By industry, healthcare/education/government, banking, and the

transportation/telecommunications/media/utilities category are

pacesetters in integrating education/training with their Web sites. But

during 2001, manufacturing and healthcare/education/government are the

industry sectors most apt to be active in integrating the

training/education capabilities (see Figure 3).

With the potential of additional time required for security clearance

at airports, and with the expected fare increases by airlines, online

training and education are becoming increasingly attractive features.

Figure 2

U.S. Integration Status of Web Sites and Core Applications


Figure 3

Training/Education Integration with U.S. Web Sites by Industry


-- Molly Upton

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