Nexus 6 release date -- incept next week? (Time to die)

Big phone Real Soon Now. Do you like our owl?

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Here comes the Nexus 6 release date. Rumors are rife that Google is about to launch and ship its new Android L phablet, possibly as soon as next week.

In IT Blogwatch, bloggers take a Voight-Kampf test. Not to mention: The original…

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Alistair Barr and Rolfe Winkler have seen things you people wouldn't believe:

Google this month expects to release its largest smartphone...according to three people familiar with the situation. ... Code-named Shamu after a killer whale, [it] will have a 5.9-inch screen, a high-resolution display and be sold under the Nexus brand.

Phablets, defined as smartphones with displays five inches or larger, were once ridiculed as unwieldy bricks. ... But as phones have evolved...into computers...larger devices have caught on. ... In 2011, phablets accounted for 1% of global smartphone shipments. This year, [they] will make up 24% [says] Strategy Analytics.

Phablets are also popular among some Asian consumers as a status symbol, along with a large house and car.  MORE

Quite an experience to live in fear, isn't it, Iain Thomson?

OMG, we're gonna be invaded by Nexus 6 replicants. No, wait. [But it] raises the interesting possibility that Blade Runner fans could at last have a non-homicidal Nexus 6 of their own

The Google phablet rumors gained more ground after a[ed] the device, should it exist, is powered by 2.65GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor with 3GB of RAM and running a 5.0 version of Android.  MORE

A new life awaits you in the Off-world colonies: A Chance Miller to begin again: [You're fired -Ed.]

The Wall Street incredibly sparse on details, but does corroborate all of what we exclusively reported last month.

[It] will also pack a qHD resolution of 2560 x 1440, which comes out to 498 pixels-per-inch...a 3,200mAh battery and a 13MP rear camera with 4k video.  MORE

But Cory Gunther is from the Confidential Committee on Moral Abuses:

At this point it’s pretty clear that Google and Motorola have been working hard on a new smartphone for the Nexus lineup. ... Now at least 5 sources are all claiming an October announcement and release date. ... This is big news as previous rumors had it coming [in] November.

[More] specs based on rumors and reports: 5.92-inch...Android 5.0 “L Release” (64-bit) with OIS, 2.1 [MP] front camera...Ring Flash similar to Moto X...Front Facing Speaker.  MORE

Meanwhile, Chris Chavez is not in the business. He is the business:

If last year’s sudden Nexus 5 launch wasn’t a big enough clue for you, we’d say we’re not too far off from Google announcing...the Nexus 6.

[It's] identical to Motorola’s Moto X (2nd Gen), only larger. ... It’ll be interesting to see if any corners were cut.  MORE

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