HTC Desire EYE -- a #selfie phone (SUCH a fake model)

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HTC unveils its selfie phone: The HTC Desire EYE. It's got two equally-great cameras front and back. And it's got other flagship-like specs, even though it's priced like a mid-range device.

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When Florence Ion was at the table, I kept on seeing her look at me. D'you think she was just doing that to make me jealous? [Oh no; here we go again -Ed.]

We live in an age where snapping selfies and shooting scenery is as much about showing off to our friends as it is about making memories [which] inspired HTC [to make] the Desire Eye, a mid-range Android phone equipped with 13-megapixel cameras on both the back and front...signify[ing] the beginning of a new era for the Taiwan-based company.

It has two 13-megapixel camera sensors. ... There are also two LED flash bulbs embedded on both sides...which means you’ll be able to take aptly lit selfies in the darkest of rooms. [It's] powered by a blazing Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM...a huge step up from any of the other mid-range phones. ... In fact, the only thing noticeably “mid-range” about this device is its plastic casing. ... It’s also really comfortable to use, and the sharpness of its 5.2-inch Full HD display is immediately noticeable.

HTC said that the idea...was to put all the processing power from a flagship phone into...an affordable alternative [to] the aluminum-outfitted One (M8). ... I already like it more than the HTC Remix...unfortunately it’s launching exclusively on AT&T.  MORE

And Roger W. Cheng was totally texting me all night last night:

The "selfie" phenomenon is inescapable. ... So it makes sense that HTC, which is on the hunt for a catalyst that will...turn the business around, would want to jump on [it].

Little known in the US, the Desire series of low-cost smartphones has been steadily making headway since they debuted at Mobile World Congress in February. ... It may be the Desire line that ends up turning the tide. ... HTC's strategy is not unlike that of rivals such as Motorola and LG, which are similarly finding diminishing returns in betting solely on a flagship. [It] will cost $100 on contract, representing a step down from the $200 on-contract price of the flagship One M8.

Now all HTC needs is for selfie addicts to stop looking at themselves and start looking at the Desire Eye.  MORE

So, like, what do you think, JR Raphael? Did you think HTC was pretty?:

HTC has really done a 180 in the way it treats upgrades. [It] now aims for a 90-day turnaround [and] has already publicly committed to the same 90-day target for getting Android "L" onto its flagship phones [and] it's also the only manufacturer that's officially committed to a full two years of upgrades for its top devices.

The company excels at communication, too...something that can't be said for many Android device-makers.  MORE

How did Bertel King, Jr. even get in here? Who wears Cheetah?

This phone wants your selfies to look just as impressive as the photos you take of other people.

As fun as this concept and selfies in general are to mock...the poor image quality is a large part of why I ignore the front cam on my devices. ... The embedded battery packs 2400mAh. ... The device is also water resistant [with] an IPX7 rating.  MORE

Meanwhile, LaggyCloud definitely bought all her Instagram followers:

It costs twice a Lumia 730, this shouldn’t be a Desire, everyone will think it’s a midrange, the phone is gorgeous but smells like a huge flop, HTC could have waited for the next One instead.  MORE

Update: There's no vodka at this table! Do you know anyone else here, Brid-Aine Parnell?

HTC doesn’t reckon it needs any funding next year or even the one after that, according to its [CFO, saying it] has no debt, $1.7bn in cash. ... Although the company has fallen behind its rivals in smartphone sales, [Chialin] Chang said that it now has a strong portfolio for both developed and emerging markets.

Chang wouldn’t say whether some of that growth would come from the Nexus 9 tablet HTC is rumoured to be making. Reports suggest [it] will be a 9-inch version...but Chang refused to comment.  MORE

And Finally… #chainsmokers
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