Allaire bolsters technology position

FILLING IN ITS Java portfolio, Allaire announced at its second annual user conference on Monday in Washington that it bought the Kawa Java IDE from Tek-Tools.

Allaire is developing a way to move its cost-sensitive visual development user base to Java, according to Mike Gilpin, an analyst at Cambridge, Mass.-based Giga Information Group.

"They're undergoing a challenging transition. But the thing they understand best is their target audience," Gilpin said.

He added that the target audience consists of developers who use visual markup tools, but cannot afford to spend $100,000 on beefier products such as IBM's WebSphere.

  Allaire's moves

* Acquired Kawa, a Java IDE from Tek-Tools

* Introduced Spectra 1.5, adding content versioning, caching, content authoring, and an extensible Webtop

* Unveiled Allaire Business Platform, featuring application servers, visual tools, and application frameworks for WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) and iMode standards


With those developers in mind, Allaire plans to integrate the Java IDE with its Web application server ColdFusion, according to CTO Jeremy Allaire.

"One of the benefits of moving ColdFusion to run Java is better interoperability," Allaire added.

Allaire also will position Kawa as complementary to its JRun Studio, which is targeted at JavaServer Pages (JSP) and Java Servlet development.

The acquisition gives Allaire the ability to offer customers visual tools for building Web applications on the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform, such as server-side Java development, and also provides strong support for advanced features, including Enterprise JavaBeans development and remote debugging.

Gilpin said that the Java technology will help Allaire compete with other J2EE application server vendors, such as market leaders IBM and BEA Systems, as well as other significant players such as Sybase and SilverStream Software.

Language choice among Allaire's installed base is uncertain, Gilpin added. "Clearly, those people are still out there, but there's uncertainty about where they're going," he said.

Allaire also announced Version 1.5 of its Spectra e-business software, wireless support in its Allaire Business Platform, new licensing terms and offerings for ASPs (application service providers), and a partnership with Macromedia, under which the two will bundle Allaire's application servers with Macromedia's Flash and build an integrated toolkit.

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