Deathmatch: Palm Pre versus iPhone

There’s been one promised iPhone killer after another -- the Google Android-based G1, the RIM BlackBerry Storm, the yet-to-ship, years-delayed Windows Mobile 7 -- but none has given it worthwhile competition to date. Now Palm has its Pre, a device that looks to be a serious contender for the best next-gen mobile device crown.

Not only does the Pre offer a modern, Web-oriented OS -- suitably named WebOS -- but its design leadership comes from Apple, including key players from the original iPod team. So there’s reason to believe that the Pre mixes the technical smarts and elegant usability that make the iPhone a tough device to beat.

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If the battle between the BlackBerry Bold and the iPhone 3G was in essence a replay of PC versus Mac, the battle between the Pre and the iPhone 3G is more like a battle between Windows 7 and Mac OS X. The matchup, on paper, is close. So we set out to dig deeper. Galen has spent a lot of time with the iPhone as part of InfoWorld’s previous mobile deathmatch between the iPhone and BlackBerry, while Brandon bought a Pre as soon as it came out and has quickly made it a key part of his everyday life.

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