Is Twitter-only gadget TwitterPeek a one-hit wonder?

There's a new gadget out today that will let people Twitter while they're on the go.

The issue is that it's the only thing the device, dubbed TwitterPeek , can do. And that's going to be a problem, according to one analyst.

Gadget-maker Peek unveiled its TwitterPeek mobile device today on The company is touting the $99 device for people who don't have a smartphone or data plan.

"TwitterPeek will make it easy and affordable for everyone who doesn't have a smartphone to really enjoy Twitter on the go," said "Peekster-in-Chief" Amol Sarva, in a statement. ""Twitter die-hards will appreciate its 'always-on' instant tweet delivery and newbies will finally 'get Twitter' once they have TwitterPeek in hand. Even businesses that Twitter will dig TwitterPeek as a convenient way to stay connected with their customers."

But the gadget market has moved beyond devices that can only do one thing.

Are users going to lay down money for a gadget that can't multi-function as a cell phone, camera, digital organizer, video camera and GPS navigator? Dan Olds, principal analyst with The Gabriel Consulting Group, said he doesn't think so.

"Just what everyone wants, one more device to carry around," Olds said. "In order to get on the TweetPeek bus, customers will have to pony up $99 and, after six months, an additional $7.95 per month. So for the first year, users will be shelling out $146.70 just for the ability to tweet. And only tweet . This thing is just a piece of high-impact plastic that can send and receive great thoughts in 140 character servings. I don't see the point."

While mobility seems to be the next wave for Web 2.0, Olds added that he doesn't think TwitterPeek will be in a position to benefit from it.

"Mobile is certainly going to be an increasingly important part of the advance of Web 2.0, but single-function devices like TweetPeek aren't the route mobile is going to take," said Olds. "I guess people could duct tape this thing to whatever old archaic non-Web browsing cell phone they have and maybe to a cheap digital camera too. That would be handy."

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