Will Google Wave features be built into Gmail?

Google has announced that Google Wave technology will be "extended" into other Google products. But which technologies? And which products?

The Google Wave blog was updated this afternoon with an announcement that Google may be building some technology in the now defunct Google Wave into other products.

The announcement stated, in part: "We're looking at ways to continue and extend Wave technology in other Google products, open sourcing more of our code and providing support for our loyal users and Apps customers."

Google has lately been baking in and integrating all kinds of major communications tools into Gmail -- first Talk and Tasks, but more recently Buzz, Calendar, and Voice.

If Gmail is to become the Mother of All Communications Platforms, then it makes sense that some features from Wave be added to the service.

But which Wave technologies do they have in mind? And which target applications?

I think this is potentially good news. There was a lot of cool stuff in Wave, and it would be a shame to flush it all down the toilet.

Here's the post.

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