Google controversies trotted out in outrageous Taiwan CGI video

The Taiwan CGI re-enactments are funny. But come on, people. This one is beyond ridiculous.

No doubt you've seen the crazy CGI videos of various news events created by some TV program in Taiwan. They address technology scandals, including Apple's antennagate. Now they've gone after Google over its Wi-Spy scandal.

The video is beyond unfair, even for absurdist satire.

Verizon is depicted as the devil (complete with horns, a tail and a scepter) making a deal for a two-teired internet. Jeff Jarvis's coinage of "Schminternet" even gets a shout. After making the deal with the devil, Google CEO Eric Schmidt bellows out an evil laugh as he spouts devil horns himself.

In reality, the two companies merely made a proposal for the government to consider.

The translated caption says "Google is said to have purchased unmanned microdrone aircrafts," accompanied by imagery of a Google Space shuttle that says "Don't be Evil" on the side, with the word "Don't" crossed out. Following the shuttle is a fleet of wicked-looking flying drones. The drones fly all over the world doing their evil while the people of the world helplessly protest.

In reality, a Google executive bought a high-end RC helicopter as part of his hobby.

While there is a genuine controversy over Google's Wi-Spy and Schminternet scandals -- and none over the RC helicopter -- the Taiwan CGI video people really have gone too far -- again.

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