Google's open or Apple's integrated: Whose side are you on?

Apple CEO Steve Jobs slams Google Android as "fragmented." Then the Google empire strikes back.

Google's open or Apple's integrated: Whose side are you on?

It's war! Again. Or still. Whatever. Apple CEO Steve Jobs launched an "epic rant" during an earnings call this week blasting Google's "fragmented," er, "open" approach to apps and extolling the virtues of Apple's "closed," I mean "integrated" iOS platform.

His argument is that Android apps must be developed for and tested against many different versions of Android and hundreds of Android handsets. He also slammed the Android user experience, saying that different handset makers and carriers create their own user interfaces, and several are launching their own app stores.

The iOS platform, Jobs said, exists on cell phones in only one version, and that all apps work the same way.

"We think Android is very fragmented and getting more fragmented by the day... We believe integrated will trump fragmented every time."

Here's the audio.

In retaliation, Google mobile strategy chief Andy Rubin apparently posted the following dorky reply on Twitter:

"the definition of open: 'mkdir android ; cd android ; repo init -u git:// ; repo sync ; make'."

That's a list of Linux commands for copying Android. Uh, good one?

OK, there's no question that Steve Jobs is better at communicating his position in plain language than Andy Rubin. (At least Rubin's retort didn't take 5 minutes.)

But the battle-lines have been drawn. Which side are you on? Should mobile platforms be open or integrated? Which is best for developers? Which is best for users?

Have your say in the comments area.

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