Microsoft starting to talk up Windows 8

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Microsoft Windows and Windows Live president Steven Sinofsky rolled out the welcome mat for comments via a new blog called Building Windows 8. He promises Win8 "reimagines Windows for a new generation of computing devices" and more, as one would expect from a carefully crafted first post on the blog. Feel free to go to the blog, affectionately known as B8, and leave your comments. Hundreds on the Microsoft site have done so already.

All this just greases the skids for Microsoft's BUILD conference scheduled for September 13 in Anaheim (Disneyland jokes notwithstanding). The backpedaling went into hypermode when CEO Steve Ballmer first said Win8 would hit the streets in 2012. "Spokespeople" claimed the CEO misspoke (is that news?) and maybe was talking about fiscal year 2012, which sounds suspiciously like 2014 to me.

Join the fun: tell Microsoft what you think. Please do so at least semi-politely.

Wonderful! Can't wait!

WOOOW!!! Windows 8.... it is amazing!!!! great job!!!

Edgar Salgado on

Screw the classic look. I like the Metro UI and i want that completely in Windows 8.

Cellus on

Have they decided to let us know how many security flaws and bugs will be in this new version?

Anonymous Coward on

Here's what you need to change, Microsoft

I have only one demand for windows 8. If you guy's would be nice enough to include support for alternative file system for at least the ultimate edition of windows 8.

fredvall on

maybe microsoft should start and listen to the community this time make sure theres only 1 version of windows or 2 one for buisness and home.


How about an open bootloader so I don't have to jump through hoops to install Windows on a machine which has Linux or other Operating Systems.

Jason Johnson on

If Windows 8 does not include a UI overhaul with full Kinect gesture integration support, I am not interested.

Bimbam on

The gimmicks and eye candy that began with Vista (and Office 2007) and continue to proliferate may appeal to many in the youth sector (a not insubstantial and growing market), but the svelte, even austere, persona of XP continues to appeal to a very large fraction of the market (including many younger Windows users) - and most of Enterprise.

AJAverett on

I don't want a phone OS on my computer

I'm pretty worried about Windows 8. If I wanted my PC to look like my phone I'd just buy a tablet. Microsoft are making a grave mistake trashing the look that people love and enjoy. Tread carefully.

Mister Monday on


John G on

What generates more worthless hype over a year or more of anticipation that will leave us ultimately disappointed: Windows or presidential elections?

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