Microsoft cheers as IE6 slides below 1 percent in US

Ten years of continued scorn at a lack of standards compliance and constant security issues hurt Internet Explorer 6. Microsoft finally kicked it into the grave.

Of course, countries holding onto XP and/or pirated software without automatic updates still have high IE6 usage. China? 25 percent of users are still on IE6. You can check on individual countries at Microsoft's IE6 Countdown site. They opened this last March, and even sent flowers to IE6 last year in an effort to finally kill it. At least they've succeeded in most countries, but IE6 still averages about 7.7 percent of all browsers used around the world.

Scandinavian countries buried IE6 first, with Norway the first to drop under one percent usage. Joining them fairly quickly at the graveside, Finland, Denmark, and Sweden dropped down below one percent soon after. Any US developers still doing new website compliance checks on IE6 can stop with a clear conscience.

Good riddance

Thank goodness! I friggin hate IE6.

imac4life on lists IE6 below 1% in the UK, and IE7 just dropped below 4%. Maybe we should be waving goodbye to IE7 too.

HMB on

thats good news, but we need to get rid of IE7 too.. hell, even IE8..

pepeguayo on

IE6 stupidity

There are a lot of corporate Intranet utilities that were designed specifically for IE6. They are effectively screwed - they can't upgrade the browser because the web services won't run on the new versions

Richard 12 on

supporting IE7 and IE8 is a pain in the neck, and IE6 comes along for the ride.

moomin on

And people don't learn and are doing the same for IE7. I was involved with a project just recently for an insurance claims processing system.

DrXym on

Browser battles

IE8 is the switch over point where MS started to get their act together as far as standards go (with IE7 a big jump forward over IE6, but not there yet). IE9 is, imo, where they build on the base of IE8 to make something pretty good.

h4rm0ny on

It looks like IE6 and IE7 are just being dropped as that organization adopts Windows 7 for new hardware as old hardware gets triaged out whenever it breaks.


What I actually fear to become the new IE6 is Firefox 3.6 (and 4, to a degree).

slowpoke on

Do you think Microsoft is partially relieved because of how embarrassing IE6 was because of all the security problems?

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