Explaining the Apple Maps debacle

Confused about the uproar over Apple Maps? Allow us to explain it so even mom will understand

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When you say “not as good” what do you mean?

Well, Apple’s version of Maps seems to contain lots of errors and mistakes. For example, images of landmarks don’t look quite right, some buildings are clearly marked as being in the wrong place, and it’s sometimes giving incorrect - and even unsafe - directions.

Are Apple Maps the reason why you never come to visit me anymore?

No. Mom, please, I’ve been busy.

If Google Maps were so much better, why would Apple replace Google Maps in the first place?

Because Apple and Google don’t get along anymore.

Why? Did they have a fight or something?

Sort of. They used to get along better, until Google got into the mobile device business, by developing its Android mobile operating system and licensing it to phone and tablet manufacturers.

Android - like those robots from Star Wars?

Um, no. C3PO and R2D2 were droids (fictional, to boot) and they are no relation to the Android operating system.

So, Apple got mad at Google for competing with Apple?


What, nobody but Apple is allowed to make cell phones or mobile operating systems?

You’d have to ask Apple that; we’re staying out of it.

Apple seems kind of bitchy.

Again, no comment.

Why are Google Maps so much better than Apple Maps?

For one thing, Google’s been developing their mapping application for years and, reportedly has 7,000 people working on it.

Why did Apple think they could create something just as good in much less time?

Apple is kind of like that.

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