Turn on text expansion in Android's Google Keyboard

Because tapping everything out on a tiny screen is a waste of time

Text expansion is one of the greatest tech inventions ever. Like keyboard shortcuts, text expansion saves your hands and sanity: No more unnecessary typing, when just a few keystrokes can output entire phrases, sentences, or even paragraphs. And Google's latest upgrade to Google Keyboard, text expansion has arrived on Android.

To set it up, first make sure you've updated to the latest version of Google Keyboard. Then, go to Settings > Language & input and tap the Google Keyboard settings icon. Tap the new Personal dictionary and then tap the + icon to create a new entry.

Add a new phrase or sentence you want Google Keyboard to remember (e.g., your email address or a website or your full name) and the shortcut to associate with it (e.g., eml for email or your initials for your name).

Once you've done that, in any text field you can quickly type in the shortcut and the keyboard will show you the phrase as the first recommendation to select.

A pretty handy timesaver!

[via Android Police]

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