See anyone's full profile on LinkedIn with this bookmarklet

LinkedIn wants you to pay to see profiles of people not in your network, but there's no need to

LinkedIn is the social network of choice for connecting with others on a professional level, but the company hides the full profiles of third-degree connections and others not directly connected to you behind a paywall. Well, here's a free bookmarklet that gets around that.

It's based on another hack that unlocks profiles by manipulating the URL. Jan Bernhart simplified that hack by turning it into a bookmarklet so all it takes is a couple of clicks. Save a copy of the bookmarklet from here (you can drag the button to your browser toolbar). Then, in LinkedIn, when you're getting that "upgrade to Premium to see the full profile" message on someone's profile, click the bookmarklet and the button that pops up. Finally, click the person's name on the resulting page, and voila!, there's all the info.

This can come in very handy not just for recruiters, but also job hunters and other networking needs.

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