Three great tools for closing old online accounts

How many accounts have you signed up for that you no longer need?

It's hard to keep track of all the sites we've sign up for, since just about every site requires you to create an account with a username and password. If you want to wipe the slate clean or at least close the accounts you no longer use, check out these three, free sites to help you do so.

The first one to visit is KnowEm. Intended as a way to check if your username has been taken already on major websites, domain names, or the US Trademark database, you can use it to find all the sites you forgot you registered with. Check with both a username you regularly use and your email address. Seriously, I had no idea I had a bebo account (and am not sure what that even is).


Once you know which sites you have an account with, head to either or previously mentioned AccountKiller to quickly and easily get those accounts--and any of your personal information shared there--closed. is newer, has a nicer-looking interface, and comes with a Chrome extension for information on closing an account on a site you're currently visiting. AccountKiller has a more comprehensive list of sites, however. It wouldn't hurt too much to use both in your sweep.

I suppose you could also search your inbox for emails with the words/phrases "registering," "new account," or "registration," but those will also likely show you tons of more emails to wade through.

In addition to cleaning up your old, unused online accounts, you can work on getting your personal data removed from people search websites. Isn't being on the internet (or trying to get off it) fun?

[h/t Lifehacker]

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