Google Drive versus Microsoft OneDrive: Which is best for you?

Which of the two big cloud-based storage-and-sync services should you use?

Google Drive and Microsoft's OneDrive are both very good solutions for cloud-based storage that integrates directly with your traditional PCs and mobile devices. Which one is best for you?

Free storage capacity

One of the most important things in cloud-based storage is how much you get for free. And here Google Drive comes out the winner. It comes with a whopping 15 GB of free storage, compared to OneDrive's 7 GB. There are a lot of caveats here, but they tend to go in Google Drive's favor. Any MP3 files you store in the Google Play music service are exempt from Google's 15 GB as are photos uploaded to Google +. Microsoft gives you an extra 3 GB if you use its camera roll for photos. Both services offer ways to get up to 100 GB of free storage as well. So overall, Google Drive is the winner here.

Paid storage capacity

Once again, Google Drive has the upper hand. With Google Drive's newest pricing, for $1.99 a month, you get 100 GB, and for $9.99 a month you get 1 TB. Microsoft charges more: $25 annually for 50GB, $50 for 100GB, and $100 for 200GB.

Integration with productivity software

Both Google Drive and OneDrive integrate nicely with office suites -- OneDrive with Microsoft Office, and Google Drive with Google Docs. If you're an Office user, then OneDrive is clearly better, and if you're a Google Docs users, you'll of course want Google Drive,

Of the two suites, though, Office is clearly superior. It has far more features than Google Docs and is better designed as well. Google Docs is better for purely online editing and collaboration, but for everything else, Office is better.

Remote access to PCs

OneDrive has a very nifty trick that Google Drive can't duplicate: It gives you remote access to all of a PC's files running OneDrive, just using a Web browser. Simply go to the OneDrive Web site, choose the PC, and grab what you want.

Bottom line

So which is better for you? For storage alone, Google Drive is the winner. You get more storage for free, and a better deal on paid storage as well. If you're a Microsoft Office user, or want remote access to a PC's files, then OneDrive is better. But for everything else, Google Drive is the better choice.

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