Working from the couch

Sick of your commute? Give it up.

Sick of your commute?

At some point in every job, getting to the job – unless you are very lucky – becomes a part of the day you would rather do without. You start calculating what else you might have done with the time spent sitting on a train or watching the cars in front of you creep slowly toward your destination. You stay at work late to avoid the traffic. You dream about getting yourself a self-driving car so you can work on the way to work. But if you work in IT, you can probably ditch that commute and still go to work every day.

According to Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of, “IT workers are one of the most in-demand professions for telecommuting jobs. We have 17,603 jobs on the site right now. And IT jobs are in the top 15 of those most listed.” Her site specializes in matching people who are looking for flexible work, work that can be done from home, and telecommuting jobs with companies who are hiring jobs with those qualities. “So if you are good a candidate for one of these fields – Web development, software development, engineering, and other jobs in this area -- it is absolutely possible to get a job that allows you to telecommute.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean you can retire to your fortified bunker in the wilderness and dial in your job over a high-speed Internet connection, though. “That’s a common myth about telecommuting,” explains Fell. “Most of these jobs have some sort of geographic parameter. You need to be in a the same region or city as the employer. You might even need to go to the office once a week for meetings, or go in for a training period before you can telecommute.” But there are plenty of jobs that won’t ask you to brave the commute every day just for the chance to sit in a cubicle and buy your lunch from a truck.

The cities with the most telecommuting jobs, according to Fell, are New York; Chicago, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Denver, Cleveland, and Providence, RI.

And if the day ever does come when you can buy a self-driving car, you could always just go on a road trip.

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