How to prepare for tough interview questions

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For this question our experts advise that interviewees should speak about what they have control over. Stick to things like competencies, and capabilities and the accomplishments that have been achieved. "You should acknowledge that while you consider yourself to be ambitious, that you are also aware that companies promote people at different rates and for different reasons. Finally, you should mention that you are pleased with your position as long as you are experiencing growth and delivering value for an organization and being appropriately recognized as such," says Saccal.

Final thoughts

Conveying the value that you will potentially bring to a company is a difficult task. The best plan is to prepare and practice. Having a friend act as the interviewer, or answering your questions while looking into the mirror are viable options. Whatever you do remain calm and remember that the bottom-line for all parties involved is to find out if this is relationship is worth investing in.

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